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The Kind Mouse Programs

Mice In Training: Is a training program for elementary school age children interested in entrepreneurial charities and businesses.  

We help people that have experienced career loss to restore their dignity and reestablish their lives with The Kind Mouse Family Assistance Program.

In The News

2016 Statistics

  • Approximately 61,000 poundsof food has been donated. to The Kind Mouse.
  • ​​​Approximately 77,500 pounds of food was served to families and students by The Kind Mouse
    • 12,397 hungry students provided with weekend Mouse Nibbles Sacks.
    • 1,177 students fed through the Jane's Pantry Program
    • 967 individuals given 1 month supply of food from pantry.
    • Up to 27 schools supported by the Mouse Nibbles program through the years.

We are feeding “The Hungriest of The Hungry” students in Tampa Bay.  We deliver to the schools non-perishable foods in backpacks each and every week. With our Mouse Nibbles Program.

What We’re Doing